What to Do When You Want to Have a New Telephone System


You must know that the telephone systems are very important to any kind of company. Businesses should go through the process of buying and switching from one telephone system to another on the average of 5 to 7 years. The company can upgrade their old digital system or go for the installation of a VoIP enabled system or perhaps implement a hosted PBX or virtual PBX from those hosted VoIP providers for a much better Call Center Solution. The transition may be painful. But, this is not the case on this matter. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind and do so that you will be able to reduce the disruption when it comes to changing your telephone system for the business.

You must not wait until the last minute if you have to decide on a telephone system. The telephone system providers or vendors agree to almost any installation timeframe so that they can make profits. However, with the less time given to them, then the installation can turn sloppy. Because of such reason, you must plan the proper installation that can take time but this is not always under the hosted VoIP provider's control. Small systems need a minimum of three weeks in order to prepare. If there is a larger system, then more time will be needed and such can take several months. If the telephone service is switched from one carrier to a different one, then the time in porting those telephone numbers should be taken into consideration. Carriers must also be able to estimate the time needed to port and such can be around 60 days.

Also, you have to know the Panasonic Telephone system and also what they can do for the business. You need to do this prior to making a decision on what must be done to the telephone system. If this has not been done yet, then you should go for it. You may utilize the LEC or the phone bills so that you can know the lines and numbers. If there is still uncertainty on the lines and circuits, then you can contact them. You must get rid of anything that is not used and make sure that the new system or the hosted PBX service can accommodate everything that is needed.

Moreover, you must know the installation schedule of the telephone circuits. Know if the new circuits are ready in time for the installation of a new telephone system. Every kind of telephone circuit requires various hardware components in the telephone system. 
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